Harnessing Innovative Solutions for Achieving Continuous Quality Improvement Requirements in Water Treatment Plants: A Case Study of Continuous Quality Improvement in Baghdad Water Authority.


This Research aims for harnessing critical and innovative thinking approaches besides innovative problem solving tools in pursuing continual quality improvement initiatives for the benefit of achieving operations results effectively in water treatment plants in Baghdad Water Authority. Case study has been used in fulfilling this research in the sadr city water treatment plant, which was chosen as a study sample as it facilitates describing and analyzing its current operational situation, collecting and analyzing its own data, in order to get its own desired improvement opportunity be done. Many statistical means and visual thinking promoting methods has been used to fulfill research task.For achieving incremental improvements for the project main two production and treatment processes, the (Individuals-Moving Range) Chart technique has been applied to achieve process concurrent control, attaining its improvement by best followed acting on its constrains by means of investing in employees comprehensive participation. To measure project ability for development, checklist approach has been applied to identify its capability to apply innovative problem solving methodology and continuous quality improvement initiatives, in the project business procedural contexts, results were tested and confirmed statistically, to show a confirmation of the research quantities' improvement results. and so with aids of series of action plans according to Deming's cycle, improvement results has been achieved through synoptically reduction in observations readings arithmetic means for water quality variables: residual free chlorine ; turbidity.Finally Practical recommendation have been submitted that reflex research conclusions, the most important one advise adopting suitable innovative problem solving tools that support project treatment processes controlling and improvement, specially intended is the (Individuals-Moving Range) Chart technique, besides the necessity of establishing a new sub-department for quality control with incorporeal and lawful character, and a specialized continuous quality improvement team in every water treatment plant in Baghdad Water Authority.