Evaluating Training Programs According to model Kirkpatrick / field research in the Health Maysan Directorate .


This present paper aim at knowing the process of evaluating the training program that could be applied in Maysan Health office for it significance and importance in field of management and vocational staff preparations of high scientific experience in different fields of Health. The society of research includes staffs working in Maysan Health Office , of specialists , dentists, pharmacists, laboratories, nursing and administrators. Their number is 100 employees, the researcher has designed questionnaire by depending on "Kirkpatrick" for assessing the training . The researcher has used thorough survey and has entailed 90 questionnaire, the researcher has used analytic descriptive method . For defining levels of hypotheses and coefficients of the research , it has been employed a number of statistic means into analyzing and processing data and information by depending on SPSS represented into mathematic average , difference coefficient to show content of coefficients and Spearman coefficient for measuring the nature of the relationship along with its degree and comparing the results to be analyzed. The importance of the research lie in presenting and knowing nature of coefficients by depending on application through applying theoretical concepts in practical field . The most important results , the researcher has reached to lies into Maysan Health Office that the latter applies and assess the training on level of reaction, while , there has been not suitable assessment directly or indirectly on the level of behavior and organize results after finishing the process of training.