Strategic planning of human resources and its impact on the stages of a career path :A field research in the Ministry of Health


The objective of this research is to analyze the relationship between the strategic planning for human resources and career path, and I have tested Search the Ministry of Health and some health centers headquarters in the Karkh district, that is applied in sample Consist of (45) Deputy Director, Head of Depts, Departmental Manager, and health center Manager.Find interested in studying the two subjects are important and vital, at the level of organizations at the present time, namely the strategic planning of human resources and career path. To achieve the objectives of the research was designed Qusestionnair (31) items to collect Primary data. and collected the data by using statistical package (SPSS 17).for the purpose of access to the results he sought the researcher to test the two assumptions two major related relations link and influence between the variables of search key, and for data processing, use some means of statistical (such as the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentages, correlation coefficient ranks to Spearman coefficient simple regression ),the resarch has got Some conclusions, Like Contribution of career path in improving the performance the human resources Performance in Ministry of Health and some health centers by Harmony among job and the Responsible of the job with need to Train on strategic option, and activate the incentives to Owners with skills of human resources, and evaluation of human resources in the ministry.He also Recommende to encourage strategic goals in Strategic Plan by in creative Authorities and Responsibilities for workers to increase their abilities of initiatives With flexibility in Making decisions.