The use of standard rates in the test of the financial stability for the banking sector in Iraq For the period 2009-2013


The research focuses on the key issue concerning the use of the best ways to test the financial stability in the banking sector, considering that financial stability cannot be achieved unless the financial sector in general and the banking sector in particular are able to perform its key role in addressing the economic and social development requirements, under the laws and regulations that control banking sector , as the only way that increases its ability to deal with any risks or negative effects experienced by banks and other financial institutions. The research goal is to evaluate the stability of the banking system in Iraq, through the use of a set of econometrics and standard ratios, in order to build a standard system of safety indicators take into account the banking sector privacy in Iraq. In addition to provide a therapeutic system seeking to treat the crisis in its various kinds and accelerate preventing its spread in the financial and banking fields. as well as the continuation of supervision control over the banks on a regular basis to diagnose the weaknesses in their performance early so as not to be exposed to financial problems that lead to collapse, and so as to enhance the stability of the banking sector in Iraq to expand its activities and to develop its services as it is considered the largest and most risky financial sector.