Requirements of Pulverization Energy of a Tandem Disc Harrow at Different Pulverization Depth and Forward Speed


The experiment was conducted at the fields of Agricultural College, University of Basrah,Qarmat-Ali campus to study the effect of three tandem disc harrow depth (10, 15,and 20cm) and fourforward speed (0.20,0.38,0.46,and 0.60 m/sec) and interaction between them on the tandem disc harrowenergy requirements and soil pulverization ability . A split block in a R.C.B.D. design was used . Theresults showed , increasing the tandem disc harrow forward speed from 0.20 to 0.60 m/sec increased thedraft force, pulverization efficiency and specific and equivalent energies by 16%,33%, 42% and 88%respectively . While the mean weight diameter (Pulverization index) decreased by 23% (Improvetandem disc harrow performing) . The increasing on depth of tandem disc harrow from 10 to 20 cmincreased the draft force and mean weight diameter (Pulverization index) significantly by 36% , 12%respectively . While it decreased the specific , equivalent energies and pulverization efficiency by 32% ,47% and 22% respectively. While the interaction between the forward speed and the depth of tandemdisc harrow have significant effect on the draft force, specific, equivalent energies, pulverizationefficiency , draft power and mean weight diameter (Pulverization index) where the tandem disc harrowdepth from 10 cm and forward speed 0.6 m/sec achieved highest mean weight diameter (Pulverizationindex) value was 27.89 mm while tandem disc harrow depth 20 cm forward speed 0.20 m/sec achievedlower mean weight diameter (Pulverization index) value was 329.89 mm.