The crime of bribery during the Umayyad era until the year 122 AH


This research aims to track the crime of bribery and its impact in Islamic history since the time of the Prophet Mohammed until year 212 A.H ,as bribe one of the most serious social crime that undermine communities; discouraged by heavenly and human legislation, due to the gravity of the crime in Islamic history; we've been working on research between the folds of historical texts to monitor this crime and seeking to highlight the perpetrators, as well as our efforts to highlight the impact of bribery on the functioning historical events since the era of the Prophet until Zaid bin Ali revolution year 122 AH during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Hisham bin Abdul Malik, and we conclude that bribery was very effective method to change the historical course of events, spicily in the political propaganda, and the assassination of historical characters, and attract supporters and win the loyalty of the tribes, and to promote the legitimacy of the hereditary governance specially In founding phase of Umayyad dynasty.