Assessing Kurdish College Students' Use of Oxford Language Learning Strategies


One can generally presupposes in any foreign language learning domain that success is included in possessing certain learning skills which makes any foreign language acquisition successful, enjoyable and practical in a way that enables the learner to use that language in new communicative situations. Among many models of learning strategies, there is oxford language learning strategies (oxford LLS) .1990, Professor Rebecca L. Oxford (University of North Carolina) developed a learning taxonomy for categorizing learning strategies. The study aims at finding out the impact of this taxonomy on 4th stage students in the Department of English / College of Education / Salahaddin University for the academic year 2015-2016. It will illustrate to what degree learning strategies help academic students to acquire linguistic competences. The sample of the study consists of (30) students which was selected randomly from (164) students that was the total number of the 4th stage students in the department. A survey questionnaire has been used to ask students about their learning experiences, satisfaction with their coursework and assessments of improvement in their academic learning skills. The main advantage of this survey is to find out the impact of oxford LLS on Kurdish 4the Grade Students' Language Learning Strategies in College of Education through testing the following learning strategies: 1-planning for learning,2-monitoring learning, 3-self‐regulation, 4-memorization, 5-communicative or interactive strategies. The percentage formula was used to analyze students' frequencies of responses to the statement of the questionnaire as this formula is widely used in descriptive statistics. Key words: Oxford LLS: as they are defined in the Wiki as a term referring to the processes and actions that are consciously deployed by language learners to help them to learn or use a language more effectively.Learning Strategies: can be defined as learning techniques that are used by group of learners to acquire a linguistic competence successfully and helps them to develop their interaction performance