Helping Behavior Scale for the Intermediate School Students


This study aims at measuring the helping behavior of the intermediate school students in Al- Khalis district. The test group consists of 400 students out of 4479 of the total number. The researchers adopted the apparent truth for deriving the authenticity of the scale and its psychometric features were drawn out. The validity of the scale was confirmed by two methods; retest and Alpha Cron Bach formula. The findings of the study resulted in true, reliable and acceptable indications for this type of scale. By applying the helping behavior scale, the researchers concluded that the intermediate school students have such a behavior. The following statistical tools were used by the researcher:- T-Test for the independent testing group.- Pearson- Correlation Coefficient.- Alpha Corn Formula.At the end of the study, the researchers suggested and recommended the following points:1- The helping behavior scale of the intermediate school students, constructed by the researchers, is useful for the educational guiders in schools. 2- Parents should be acquainted with the correct way of raising their children in intermediate stage by attending the school meetings.The suggestions are:1- Conducting a study to indicate the relation between helping behavior and yielding in different stages .2- Conducting a study to indicate the relation between helping behavior and study achievements in different stages.