Electrical Conductivity and Hall Effect Measurements of (CuInTe2) Thin Films


In this research, the electrical conductivity and Hall effect measurements have beeninvestigated on the CuInTe2 (CIT) thin films prepared by thermal evaporation technique onglass substrate at room temperature as a function of annealing temperature (R.T,473,673)Kfor different thicknesses (300 and 600) nm. The samples were annealed for one hour.The electrical conductivity analysis results demonstrated that all samples prepared have twotypes of transport mechanisms of free carriers with two values of activation energy (Ea1, Ea2),and the electrical conductivity increases with the increase of annealing temperature whereas itshowed opposite trend with thickness , where the electrical conductivity would decrease asthe films thickness increases.The results of Hall effect measurements of CuInTe2 films show that all films were (p-type) ,the carrier concentration and Hall mobility are strongly dependent on the annealingtemperature and film thickness.