Determination of Some Trace Element Levels in Iraqi Male patients with Colorectal Cancer


Alterations of trace element concentrations adversely affect biological processes andcould promote carcinogenesis. Trace element deficiency or excess is implicated in thedevelopment or progression of some cancers like colorectal cancer. The aim of the presentstudy was to compare the serum copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) concentrations in patients withcolorectal cancer from Iraqi male patient with those of healthy subjects. During the period ofMarch 2015 until august 2015, a total of 25 patients with metastatic colon cancer and 20healthy volunteers were enrolled from the Al-Kadhimia Teaching Hospital after the diagnosisusing a histopathological examination for the malignant tumor; their age was between (38-60)years. Higher levels of Cu, Zn, and Cu /Zn ratio were seen in male patients with colorectalcancer compared to healthy subject's .In Conclusions: According to our findings there was asignificant difference in trace elements between healthy subjects and colorectal cancerpatients