The Effect of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bacteria and Yeast of Kluyveromyces marxianus in Growth of Rhizoctonia solani Fungi in Laboratory and Different Temperature and Campestral Deep of Soil


This study has been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the yeast K.marxianus and P.aeruginosa bacteria separately against R.solani caused root rot , P.aeruginosa show high efficacy as a biological agent against R.solani on PDA with 100% inhibition at 108 cell/ ml.In addition , K.marxianus in concentration 10 8 cell/ ml inhibited R.solani growth at 88 % as compared with 0.0% in control , P.aeruginosa suspension at 10 8 cell/ml and its filtrate inhibited spores germination and rate of germ tubes length to 0.0 of R.solany completely .K.marxianus suspension at 10 8 cell/ml inhibited spores germination with 2.1% , rate of germ tubes length reach to 8 micrometer while K.marxianus filtrate 10 8 cell/ ml inhibition germ germination with 2.2% , rate of germ tubes lenghth reached to 9 micrometer while control (R.solani ) germ germination reach to 97% , germ tubes length with 25 micrometer .R.solani Produces three enzymes helped of pathogenicity (pectinase, cellulose and protease ) without lipase .These fungus not growth in temperatures 10 c to 27 day , at the temperatures ( 35, 40, 45)c to 14 day and in temperature 50 c to 25 day but R. solani fungus growth in temperature 12 c to 20 day while optimum growth of fungus is in 20 c to 18 day , 25 c to 17 day and 30 c in 16 day . R.solani founded in depth (1,7,10,13) cm but if is not founded in depth 16 cm