Epidermal Growth factor in human urine as promotor for the growth of Leishmania sp. In vitro.


Leishmania parasites are the causal agents of leishmaniasis, a group of protozoan diseases transmitted to mammals, including human beings, by phlebotomine sandflies. In culture media (at 25-28̊C ,pH =7.2-7.4),leishmania parasites develop as motile promastigotes similar to those found in the sand fly midgut . Traditionally media available do not meet the requirement for the bulk cultivation of Leishmania parasites ,it requires fetal calf serum (FCS),that is very expensive and not easily available in the market. A number of studies have shown that the addition of 5-10 % normal human urine stimulates growth, leading to more rapid multiplication and a higher concentration of parasites .Urine from patients with bladder cancer were used in this study to determine the effect of Epidermal growth factor ( which is increased in level in this type of urine),and our study showed that proliferation indexes were significantly increased in the culture media supplemented with human urine from patients with bladder cancer, we undertook a detailed study of such an effect in old world Leishmania isolates causing cutaneous Leishmaniasis. We also found that urine with high percentage of EGF. Could be used as an alternative of fetal calf serum.