The Effect of Heat Treatment on The Magnetic Properties of The (Fe-Mn) Alloys Prepared by Powder Metallurgy Method


This research studied the magnetic series of (Fe1-xMnx) which included the preparation alloys with weight ratios (X=25,50,70,80) by using Powder technology method . This study aimed to determine the Magnetic properties through the magnetic hestress loop . Number of magnetic properties have been found such as Remained force (Br), Coerecive force (Hc), Magnetic Relative permeability (µr) , and Magnetic Susceptibility (χm) for all study Samples . This experimental results were found a ferromagnetic behavior and sensitive to the heat treatment , which shows rapidity changeable to the paramagnetic behavior with the increasing the temperature degrees . The suitable heat treatment degree determined to get magnetic properties through the magnetic manufacturing operations . The results were explained due to the motion relation of magnetic spins with temperature degrees of heat treatment.