The impact of quality costs in dimensions of the quality of Health Services – Analytical survey study in Baghdad Teaching Hospital


The research aims to deepen understanding of the issue of qualitycost and the dimensions of the quality of health service in the medicalfields, and determine the relationship between quality costs and thedimensions of the quality of health service, and the impact of the qualitycosts of the dimensions of the quality of health service, and adopted theresearch methodology and descriptive (exploratory and analytical),through a questionnaire included (50) items, and select Find a set ofhypotheses that have been tested statistical tools, and was selected arandom sample of (50) members of the Baghdad Teaching Hospital out ofthe community's (127) individual, as was the proportion of respondents(76%). The research found a set of conclusions, the most important is thatthe angel of the hospital research sample weak interest in monitoring thequality of health services provided to the patient, this means that problemsoccur in patients during their access to treatment, and lack of seekingmedical personnel at the hospital to provide health services needed by thepatient quickly and promptly and hence the low level of the dimensions ofthe quality of health service and the high quality of health servicesprovided cost rates.