Risks assessment for the retrieval of radioactive waste from the old Russian cemetery Al -Tuwaitha site


In this work the radioactive wastes in the Old Russian Cemetery Al -Tuwaitha site were classified according to risks for workers who are involved in the retrieval process. The exposure assessment results expressed as estimates of radionuclide intakes by inhalation and ingestion, exposure rates and duration for external exposure pathways, and committed effective dose equivalents to individuals from all relevant radionuclides and pathways. Results showed the presence of natural radionuclides Ra-226, Th-234 and K-40, as well as the produced radionuclide Cs-137 and Eu-152 in the cemetery wells. The absorbed doses from the waste were classified to two categories; exempt waste and low level waste according to absorbed dose value. This studied site does not pose a radiological hazard for the workers.