This paper proposed a method for hacking and protection Document which is Graduation certificates Document by taking advantage of the Automation technique which provided by Microsoft for use word Automation for reprogramming document of Microsoft Word document 2003 with C# code. This document will be falsification and change the student’s Name, student’s picture , degrees, year of Graduation, average of Graduation of one student to another inform don’t drawing subspecies that there are any forgery. The protection method it will take Graduation Certificate Falsifying Documents and insert watermarking to it and locked the document from any modification


Abstract: It is to be noticed that increasing of testing in colleges, teachers and instructors need to recognize the role test anxiety plays in students' performance and implement effective strategies to assess students who are over shared this activity. Teachers are responsible to raise and measure students' learning ability within their classrooms; they are also responsible to prepare students for testing. In this respect, teachers must examine, develop and implement strategies to help students receive educational benefits that may increase their test scores (Mc Donald, 2001:90f). Anxiety today, is a common phenomenon of every day's life. It plays an essential role in human life because all of us are the victims of anxiety in different ways.