Nutritional and therapeutic effect of Moringa peregrina on lead and cadmium – induced toxicity in rats compared with EDTA


The study was investigated to determine the Therapeutic effect of Moring peregrina (Forssk) seed powder at dose of 75 /mg/kg Bw./day comparis to calcium Disodium Ethylene – Diamine Tetra-Actic Acid CaNa2 EDTA at adose of 75/mg/Kg Bw oral post exposed to lead acetate or cadmium ehloride at adose 50/mg/K Bw orally for 6 weeks. 40 male rats divided into 9 group: G1= no treatment , G2 and G3= treated with lead or cadmium , G4= exposed to lead acetate for 6ws then M. peregrina for 2ws , G5= exposed to cadmium for 6ws then M. Peregrina for 2ws , G6 and G7= exposed to lead or cadmium for 6ws then CaNa2 EDTA for 2ws , G8 and G9 = exposed to lead or cadmium for 6ws then M. peregrina + CaNa2 EDTA . Results showed significant decrease (P≤ 0.05) in weight gain of rat in (G2 , G3 , G6 , G7 , G8 , G9).a Significant decrease (G4 and G5) relative to no treated animals. The hematological parameters showed a significant decrease in hemoglobin Hb Red Blood Cells (RBC) , Packed Cell Volume (PCV), while significant increase in white Blood Cells (WBC) , mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH) and lymphocytes.In (G2, G3, G6, G7, G8, G9) on the otherhand administration of seed M. Peregrina showed levels . also the results showed statistically significant increase in Blood glucose, Urea, Creatinine, Total protein , Albumin ,and activity of Aspartate Amino Tranfears (AST) ,and Alanine Amino transFears (AST). In (G2, G6, G7, G8, G9) while in (G3) showed the same result except Blood protein, significant in creased lead and cadmium toxicity increased Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) but CaNa2 EDTA decreased ALP. On the other hand we notesd enhacement result in (G4 and G5). Theirs a significant decrease in reduced glutathione (GSH) level in (G2 , G3 , G6 , G7 , G8 , G9) but no significant decrease happend in (G4 and G5). Further studies thus can be recommended for protective role of M. peregrina seed powder against toxic effect of lead , cadmium compare to side effect of CaVa2 EDTA during chelation therapy.