Center of Sums based Defuzzifier Unit VLSI Architecture


Defuzzification is a process of getting a crisp value from the fuzzy data. Since the fuzzy data cannot be used directly for the real time applications, therefore it has to be converted into a crisp value. In designing the defuzzification unit in this work, the center of sums has been used, because of its computationally efficient nature. The Center of Sums (COS) is faster than many defuzzification method and the method is not restricted to symmetric membership function is simple and is being generally used in comparison to more complex Center of gravity (also called Center of area or Centroid method) defuzzification method. The proposed architecture has been modeled in VHDL and implemented in XILINX and Spartan field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). The proposed architecture is more efficient in area (the area of implementation of VLSI Architecture) and the speed of operation in comparison to a more complex architecture used for the Center of gravity. The functional analysis has revealed that the proposed architecture is implementing COS based defuzzifier efficiently and accurately.