Coherence in the Fractal City


This research is a second part of paper about the Fractal City. The research studies the coherence phenomenon in this city, which is one of its characters.The paper connects the urban coherence with the geometrical coherence through the theory of complexity which says that the large scale complex which is assembled from tightly interacting subunits on many different levels of scale is in a hierarchy going down to the natural structure of material. Also through the connection with the rules of geometrical coherence which are, the coupling, variety, boundaries, forces, organization, hierarchy, interdependency and decomposition.The case study was a set of Arabic traditional cities, such as Old Al-Rusafah,Old Aleppo, Old San’a, Casbah of Algeria. The research hypothesis was that these cities have the same rules of geometrical coherence.The research used the descriptive analytical methods. Its findings was that these cities are coherence in the treatment of urban fabric and elevations, also they owned the character of the geometrical coherence, and they are complex whole resulted from tightly interacted subunits on different hierarchy.