Surface Modification of Red Brass Alloy by Using Laser Technique


Laser shock processing technique was performed on red brass alloy type C83300 specimens for the purpose ofstudy its effect on the mechanical properties such as micro-hardness and surface roughness. LSP experimental setup system involved Q-switched Nd:YaG laser of wavelength of 1064nm and 10 ns laser pulse . Double distilled deionized water (DDDW) is used as the transparent confining layer. The effects of the LSP parameters as laser pulse energy, number of laser pulses and thickness of confinement layer on the surface micro-hardness, and surface roughness were investigated. The experimental results show that, the surface roughness and micro-hardness values increased when the laser parameters (mentioned above) have been increased and the maximum value of micro-hardness generated near the surface due to LSP. The optimum thickness of DDDW layer was 4mm. After this thickness (4mm) ,the results of microhardness and surface roughness are reduced due to the absorption of laser pulse energy by the confinement layer .