Use Dynamic Bayesian network to estimate the reliability of Adamia Water Network


In this research, estimated the reliability of water system network in Baghdad was done. to assess its performance during a specific period. a fault tree through static and dynamic gates was belt and these gates represent logical relationships between the main events in the network and analyzed using dynamic Bayesian networks . As it has been applied Dynamic Bayesian networks estimate reliability by translating dynamic fault tree to Dynamic Bayesian networks and reliability of the system appreciated. As was the potential for the expense of each phase of the network for each gate . Because there are two parts to the Dynamic Bayesian networks and two part of gate (AND), which includes the three basic units of the network (A, B, C) and part of gate (WSP), which contains all of the tank (D) and alternative (S) and is a dynamic . then been integrated into the two segments together at gate Association previous two gates of a (OR), and estimate the probability of total failure of the network and through which found reliability. The result of the estimation was in put table shows the change of with time reliability.