Evaluation of internal control system over according misleading accounting information


The economic and financial crises in the world economy series led to increased awareness of the importance of the internal control system, because it is one of the main pillars of any economic unit, as it works to verify the application of policies, regulations and laws and verification of asset protection from theft and embezzlement procedures, it is also working on trust accounting information imparted through the validation of accounting information, analyze and detect the misleading.The existence the internal control system a factor in many of the accounting practices that limit the ability of the administration to produce misleading financial reporting The aimes of this research to the statement of the relationship between the accounting system and internal control system, as well as a statement from the concept of accounting information and misleading determine misleading accounting practices, as well as detect cases of misleading in accounting information and connect it with the results of evaluation of the internal control system, The research concluded that through simple linear regression results that most accounts have an effect on the appearance of misleading accounting information (sales, total assets, working capital, inventory, debtors) as well athere is a complementary relationship between a clear accounting system by the accuracy of accounting information which is provided on the one hand, and between the internal control system through a internal accounting control to ensure the accuracy of accounting information and the protection of the assets of embezzlement on the other ,side recommend Search The need for professional organizations overseeing the accounting profession and oversight need to activate work of modern techniques in the detection of misleading accounting information as well as misleading practices reduction through continuous performance evaluation for internal oversight activities