The Difficulties of Extensional Communication in Agricultural Technology Transfer of Extensional Staff Viewpoints in Samarra District and The Relationship With Some Factors


The research had been aimed to determine the abstruseness of Extensional communication in Agricultural technological transfer in Samorria district , Also to determine the relationship's correlation between the communication's difficulty and some personal factor about Agricultural Extension staff . A questionnaire form had been used to collect data that had contain two part , first part about personal factor as (Age , gender, Educational level , Extensional work's years , the sharing in training , attitude in Extensional work ) . The second part was containing five fields about Extensional communication difficulty. The research covered (30) Extensional staff ,which was represent all the staff in Samorria Agricultural branch . The research had been used a lot of statistic's means like (extent ,rang, distance , Person's coefficient correlation , Superman's coefficient correlation , t - test , and others ). The result showed that the Extensional communication difficulty load was medium up lean to height , and there was incorporeal relationship correlation in two level (0.01 , 0.05 ) between the personal factor and the Extensional communication difficulty load. However, the researcher concluded when we sharing a staff in putting and executing the training program ,then the difficulty less . The results of regression analysis has shown, that the old more impact on reducing the size of the obstacles factors. The researcher commended that very necessary to traning the Extensional staff in Agricultural technology transfer and identity the economic , society circumstance when we choose the suitable technology for farmers. And assigned to senior staff elderly to transfer of modern agricultural techniques to farmers .