Investigation of the Properties of Heat Treated Rolled Aluminum Zinc Alloy (7072-T6)


The effects of heat treatment on the properties of rolled aluminum zinc alloy type 7072-T6 are study in this work. Representative samples of aluminum zinc alloys were subjected to heat treatment processes which are; Solution heat treatment follow by Artificial Ageing in the different order. The aluminum zinc alloys were heated to the initial temperature of 600 ºC and water quenched. The quenched aluminum zinc alloys were subjected to(lamellae formation) by reheating it to the dual-phase region at a temperature of 150ºC and then rapidly quenched in water. The (lamellae formation) samples was take an Artificial Ageing at 400 ºC to provide an alloy containing strong, tough and lath α –β phase in a soft and ductile α - matrix. Mechanical tests were carried out on the samples and the results shows that the aluminum zinc alloys developed has excellent combination of tensile strength, hardness and impact strength which is very good for structural applications.