Improving of LTE 3GPP Transceiver Baseband by Phase Matrix under Different Channel Environments


3GPP LTE is the evolution of the Third-generation of mobile communications, UMTS, to the Fourth generation technology that is fundamentally a wireless broadband Internet system with voice and other services built with high technique. In these paper goals to improvement the LTE 3GPP Baseband transceiver using Phase Matrix under multipath and selective fades channels also to analyze, and the performance of the system. The bit error rates BER numerical results show that the better performance of the LTE 3GPP Baseband transceiver with phase matrix can be attained obtained when comparing with system without using phase matrix. As simulation results, it can be seen that the proposed technique present a high performance improvement was obtained over the conventional LTE 3GPP Baseband transceiver, and the BER is reduced under different channel performances and the BER improvement compared with conventional LTE 3GPP Baseband.