Porous Silicon effect on the performance of CdS nanoparticles photodetector


Cadmium sulfide photodetector was fabricated. The CdSnano powder has been prepared by a chemical method and deposited as a thin film on both silicon and porous p- type silicon substrates by spin coating technique. Structural, morphological, optical and electrical properties of the prepared CdSnano powder are studied. The X-ray analysis shows that the obtained powder is CdS with predominantly hexagonal phase. The Hall measurements show that the nano powder is n-type with carrier concentration of about (-5.4×1010) cm-3. The response time of fabricated detector was measured by illuminating the sample with visible radiation and its value was 5.25 msec. The specific detectivity of the fabricated detector is found to be (9×1011 W-1 .Hz1/2.Cm- 1). The responsivity was (0.03A/W).