Histopathological study of colorectal cancer in AL – Najaf province


The present study was carried out in AL – Sadder education hospital – AL – Najaf province of histopathological Lab. ( 100 ) patients were examined, ( 31 ) patients were infected with colon cancer, the age of patients ranged between ( 25 – 84 ) years old. This work was involved The relationship between colon cancer and many factors such as gander, age, smoking, and blood groups, and also histopathological description. our study was revealed, the colon cancer was affected the age ranged between ( 60-64 ) at percent ( 19.4% ) and more these age ,and patients had blood groups (O+) and (B+) were more than other blood groups, the blood group (O+) patients with colon cancer at percent ( 41.9% ) and blood group (B+) at percent ( 29% ). Our finding not appears any effect of smoking, and gender factors on the prevalence of colon cancer, Histopathological studying was revealed, damage in epithelial lining of colon mucosa, hemorrhage, hyperplasia in the intestinal glands structures and connective tissue that found in sub mucosa of colon as well as polymorphic leucocytic infiltration, especially lymphocytes, and increased in the goblet cells component in the mucosa of colon.