Martyrdom operations essence, legitimacy, motivation


After this round of rapid and humble researcher concluded the following:1. Realization of martyrdom: to sacrifice a Muslim man or Muslim women their lives in order to uphold the word of God and Spite the enemy, including the interests of the Muslims.2. Permissible Martyrdom without dispute among the scholars, and the evidence is permissible stipulated in the Quran, the Sunnah, and the consensus of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah.3. That al-Faisal in these works is the motive, irrespective of the means, so long as the motive her uphold the word of God and in him the benefit of the Muslims are from lawful acts and in the eyes of Islam, and as long as the emitter has to get rid of distemper live or pride and other worldly things are of the acts forbidden in Islam.