Signs suggestive achieved in the penalty contexts in the Qur'an


Praise be to Allah , prayer and peace be upon the Messengers sent as a mercy to the worlds , and his family and companions divine good and after: There is no doubt that the Koran is Manhal model and the first reference of the Arabic language and in the overall studies that emerge from the depths of the Arabic language emanation Madza we may find in landmarks verses meanings of common intertwined likely significance of their ability to interact with the context in which it appears and with the help of the language of grammatical relations synthetic and rhetorical mechanisms can overcome the shining sign of other circumstantial evidence underlying the research to get to understand the word in context , It is worth mentioning that our choice of the subject ( Signs suggestive achieved in the penalty contexts in the Koran ) was his main reason to indicate that as much as possible and the possible can be traced meanings and connotations that tolerated Quranic texts , so that the search in Gore this Qur'an of possibilities , which in turn does not expire important dimensions It abounded hands around. It is miraculous that lead from the aesthetic aspects and the arts rhetorical no other play .