Efficiency of Electronic Banking in GCC Countries


This research is based on a hypothesis which assumes that “the striving of GCC countries for developing wide e-banking services comes from its positive impact on the GCC’ banking sector”. The research problem : Technology has become one of the biggest strategic issues in the field of banking, as banks focus increasingly on its activities in the field of electronic banking operations and is expanding its banking activities globally through the internet that transcend geographical boundaries. The degree of competition , which greatly increases , and this requires from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to take measures for the development of the banking apparatus and the introduction of the latest technical developments. The importance of research : the importance of research of the role played by banks in the revitalization of the Gulf economy by collecting savings and provide funds for the purpose of investing and doing many other banking operations, which are necessary to stimulate the economy , and what was the electronic banking to activate the whole banking sector, it is necessary to clarify the importance and impact and how to benefit from them safely and fast . Finally, the study has recommended that the electronic banking services must be associated with a number of procedures, the most important, protection of customer information from all not permitted uses such as change of information, omitting, access to information and violation of confidentiality. Moreover, protection fromdissemination incorrect information, block services or theft devices, and storage media.