Problematic capitalist development in Iraq State contention layer


This research is interested in the problem of the relationship between state functions and component analysis of capitalist private economic - Social as a system should have to be effective in the process of the evolution of the capitalist economy in Iraq, this process has historically taken a variable path in the formation of the capitalist mode of production, despite the spread of capitalist relations of production in the economy Iraqi society, according to the stages of transition distorted,And because the state in Iraq are also not constituted in accordance to the social-economic relations did not perform the required historical roles in the synthesis of the national capital within the social - economic variety active in economic development, any of them state or national Iraqi capital was unable to represent the roles required of them economic efficiency .-Whatever the ownership of failure, does the Iraqi economy today according to the new political transformations that take a course in writing consistent with the terms of capitalist development and the re-opening of the relationship -between the state and the national capital in Iraq