Background: Caesarean section rates have been increasing dramatically in the past years in Al-Imamein Al-Kadhimein Medical City.Objective:To determine the rate of caesarean section and to analyze the indications, so as to introduce measures to control the caesarean section rate.Methods:This retrospective study was conducted in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Al-Imamein Al-Kadhimein Medical City from 1st Jan 2012 to 30th Apr 2013. In this study, clinical records of all the patients who underwent caesarean section were analyzed. AII cases who were underwent caesarean section whatever indication and regardless the type of caesarean section (elective, urgent, scheduled, emergent) were included in this study. Clinically diagnosed cases of ruptured uterus proved on laparotomy were excluded. Data was analyzed on SPSS version 17, Microsoft excels 2010 and frequency as well as percentages were calculated.Results:There were 10,354 deliveries during the study period (16 months) and 5897 of these were caesarean section. The rate of caesarean section was 56.95%. Scheduled caesarean section was 49.31%, elective caesarean section 43.89%, urgent caesarean section 4.32% and emergency caesarean section 2.48%.Conclusions:Caesarean section rate was high (56.95%) in Al-Imamain AlKadhimein Medical City, the majority of patients who underwent caesarean section were scheduled and elective caesarean section. The commonest indication was repeat caesarean section.Key words:Cesarean section, Indications, Frequency