Gaze at the Yazidi


Find the subject of Yazidi religion is of great importance because it highlights one of the most religions mysterious and unfathomable depths of human group closed itself cut off from other human groups of ethnic, religious and cultural terms and other aspects of other life because the nature of confidentiality and anonymity of all time and did not know about anything but of the Yazidi birth, and although it is a religious minority, but the vocabulary of nodal status and legislation of most historical eras, And Tqmst a number of manifestations of religion brought by the prophets of God and His messengers peace be upon them for survival and the preservation of its existence and continuity, even looked like a book historically tells the story of religion in all its forms and types where borne lumpy between a semblance of uniformity and dualism and polytheism and idolatry exclusive and characterized from other worship Satan, who they call (Melek Taus) for fear of it and impetus to evil and make it intended first and most important in worship and the owner of the largest share of the Creed and prestige, then after comes a number of gods which are have degrees of significance is much less than the devil and value or (Melek Taus) Which asserts that it is not an Islamic band and makes them more often like Matkon beliefs of ancient pharaohs, known as (individualization) any belief great God and to his side a number of small gods, and wholesale, the Yazidi religion is a small window to the human community and all its contradictions and Archive for most of the movements and calls religiosity of the various from the far right to the far north hence the importance of the study and research on the subject. As the Yazidi religion characterized by secrecy and isolation, it has not been enough study and research, and it represents one of the most important religious minorities in Iraq, which abounded words and ideas in what they were and what they and their assets and their origin, it is the man who said to be Islamic band and attributed to Yazid, and the man who said it was one of the religious difference Zoroastrianism, and the man who said it monotheistic religion old veered over time due to social and political factors and even geographical due to the nature of the place, which is spread when followed and frequent boredom and the bees that surround them, and the latter is to say, whom I adopted in determining the nature and origin of this religion because it is powered by a lot of realism evidence That was why I chose to write on this subject.


Gaze at the, Yazidi