The Impact of the Constructive Scientific Stations Strategy on Achievement and Mind Habits for The Fourth Scientific students in biology


The study aimed at ideutifying the impact of scieutific skills in strategy and liabits of mind amony stueuts in tenth grade . The study demanded to choose a sampie that coutaiun (42) student of the fourth grade of the secondary school who were dirided into tow groups , the first is experimental studied according to scieutific skill strategy , and the other controlling , studied according to the usualway . An achievement test has been taken that adopted staudard for mind skills as research tools that are applid after ascertaining sincerity proved at the end of the experiment .The study has reached to the conclusion that there are statistically significant differnces in farour of the experiment group in both instuments. The reseapcher has recommended that , according to the results of the study ,the necessity of taking interest in the scienfific skill strategy in teaching the subject of biology Biult that eutline and adepting staudaid for skille mind kadati search apptied aflen ascertaining siuceriky ,proucd at the eud of the euperiuned.