The))problem of the Muslim minority in Myanmar))


Muslims in Myanmar are suffering a real tragedy amid international silence and clear, especially during the past three decades, this issue and clarified clearly campaigns organized genocide led by Buddhist extremist groups with the support of Myanmar's successive governments and the military establishment, and concentrated these campaigns in Arakan areas inhabited by the sons of my sect Rohingya Muslim and Almag Buddhist sect that is driving these campaigns, and the longer the massacres committed against the Muslims is not new, but dating back to 1938 and was followed in 1942 and 1978 and which targeted Muslims directly, where widespread killings on a large scale, and between the years 1991 to 1992 were a new wave of escape, where more than a quarter of a million Rohengji fled to Bangladesh to escape and remained list to Bangladesh to this day the waves were embodied the fierce campaign of genocide led by the Buddhist clergy against Muslims in 2012, with a move away from the mention of this massacre globally and marginalized