Following the adoption of transparency in scalable Administrative corruption


The concern in the subject of managerial corruption has increased lately from the effect and the techniques of treating it, despite of dealing with it by many researchers because of the rapid development in the world such as the globalization, the growth of the international economic , the technological advances, and the pace of spreading the information and increase wish of the peoples to participation in the process of decision making Which cause radical change in peoples values and beliefs which was previously prevailed and produced the spreading all the governmental institutions, Therefore the efforts have increased to seek new tools and techniques for treat and reduce it .One of them is utilizing the transparency in all polices of high leadership which lead to increase the employees trust with the high leadership in decision making as well as the transparency is a means that can help in the process of questioning And calling to account which cannot be effective without practicing the transparency and the trust of the employees in the applied policies used by the top management is increased. This study took place in the (Ministry of Health) and Many conclusions and recommendations have been reached the most important one is the corruption is present in most of the institutions of the ministry so The study confirms that the management must be firm in calling to account the employees involved in corruption in all levels .In addition, the management should concern about improving the condition of the work and improve the salaries and wage, motivation, and rewards of the employees which can improve the standard of living of the employees which can lead to decrease the material seductions which are used by some individuals to affect their conducts and make use of them to do some unlawful acts .