Khounkar Jetty 1833 European and position them Treaty


The ambitions and to Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha (1805 - 1848) threatens the unity of the Ottoman Empire itself and the interests of European countries , and became the Ottoman Empire unable to reply aspirations towards Anatolia, helped Sultan Mahmud II (1808 - 1839) (after the reluctance of Britain and Austria) Caesar Russian Nicholas I (1796-1855) , who pursued a policy of maintaining the integrity of the Ottoman Empire from the end of 1829 , after the Commission concluded formed by Nicholas I to study the new policy to the need to preserve the Ottoman state , because the fragmentation of Russia cause problems in its southern provinces Muhammad Ali Pasha reached on May 5 , 1833 to a peaceful settlement with the Ottoman Sultan under Kutahya Magistrate , who granted Sultan Mahmud II in which the Levant and Adana to Muhammad Ali Pasha After the rapprochement took place between Russia and the Ottoman Empire reached the Russian troops to the Bosphorus Strait to help Sultan , has got the Ottoman Empire on such assistance under the treaty between the parties named Treaty Juncar on 8 July 1833 , as ensured Russia under which the Ascalah C right to intervene again in the affairs of the Ottoman Empire under providing assistance cover , and it was rejected by Britain and France, because it would allow Russia access to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea , and thus can control large parts of them He stressed the importance of search a treaty Junciar Ascalah the C via the analysis of materials that treaty , and their impact on the grant Russia significant gains at the expense of the Ottoman Empire and the European refusal to hold such a treaty.