123/5000 The impact of electronic administration in Total Quality Management The case in the information technology department at the Ministry of Science and Technology, the study of Baghdad


All Organizations seeks to apply the Electronic Management aiming to achieve their transactions with the least possible time and effort. Electronic Archiving, electronic documentation, and electronic mail are only the first steps for applying Electronic Management. Also, the application of Total Quality Management in organizations requires adopting a new philosophy based on implementing the right action from the first time, thus the Electronic Management application inside the organization will enhances the application of Total Quality Management. This research aims to recognize the level of Electronic Management application in the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the constraints that limit such application. The research objective is to study the importance of these requirements, their sequence, and their impact on the Total Quality Management principles in the surveyed ministry.The research has adopted the case study method, and the research sample represent all the (60) section managers in the Department of Information Technology at the Ministry of Science and Technology in order to survey their opinions.The research has reached to a set of conclusions, including the role of Electronic Management in adopting the Total Quality Management Philosophy, the commitment of the senior management to support Electronic Management, work to create a suitable environment for the application, and provide the necessary infrastructure to work within the ministry. The research also put a set of recommendations such as providing the required financial allocations, promoting human efficiencies ,taking advantages from other countries previous experience, and recommending the necessity to use Electronic Management in the Ministry Departments to reach the Electronic Government Application at the whole Ministry level. Key words: Electronic Management, Total Quality Management.