Multimedia Data Hiding: Three-in-One


Data hiding considers a class of process utilized to embed data into various forms of media, such as image, audio, or text. The suggested data (text, audio, binary image) in image steganography system is a new technique used to embed data into color image. Instead of using the least-significant-bit-plane (LSB 1) of the cover for embedding the data, third-least-significant-bit-plane (LSB 3) has been utilized in order to increase the robustness. First and second-least-significant-bit-plane (LSB 1 and LSB 2) can be changed according to bits of the data, to reduce the difference between the cover and the stego-cover. Then, for more protection to the data characters, a stego-key has been constructed to permute the data characters before embedding it. Experimental results of the modified technique proves that Peak-Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (PSNR) is greater than the traditional approach of LSBs substitution. Thus, the proposed system introduces good results and it is suitable for several cases of life.