Evaluation of Adhesions Induced Intestinal Obstructionfollowing Abdominal Penetrating Missile Injuries


Objectives: To evaluate the incidence of adhesions induced intestinal obstruction after explorative laparotomy due to bullet/shell injury in Al-Kindi teaching hospital/Baghdad.Results: Thirty-six out of the 76 cases with adhesionsinduced intestinal obstruction (A.I.I.O.) had history oflaparotomy for penetrating missile injury, 26 of them wereexplored as a method of management of A.I.I.O. withmean age (22 for those explored, ٣٧ for those treatedconservatively), 16 of them presented within a year or lessfrom the previous surgery.Methods: Comparative interventional prospective study of cases with adhesions induced intestinal obstruction admitted to the surgical wards in Al-Kindi teaching hospital from the 1st of January 2008 to 31st of December 2008. cases were followed considering the indications of previous laparotomies, the patients age, gender, duration between previous surgery and their presentation with intestinal obstructionConclusion: Cases required surgical interventions for treatment were mainly those following explorative laparotomy for penetrating missile injury they were mainly of young age Groups.