THE role of Organizational flexibility and its impact in responding to achieve higher performance requirements; Field research in the General Directorate of Municipalities


The purpose of this research is to measure the impact of regulatory flexibility dimensions (formal and authoritarian procedures) to achieve response to the requirements of high performance dimensions (the effective recruitment, intensive training, motivate employees, participation of workers) in the general municipal Directorate as one of the directorates of the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works. For the purpose of this measure it has been selected sample composed of 88 individuals from the research community represents the levels of assistant general manager of department heads and managers of people and some of the staff to answer the questionnaire prepared for the purpose Hama. For the purpose of analyzing the data and draw conclusions have been the use of statistical and descriptive and analytical (such as circles calculations, standard deviations, correlation analysis, and analysis of simple linear regression). The research found a group of the most important conclusions. The results of the analysis showed no significant positive relationship between Formalities and high performance. While the moral relationship between authoritarianism and high performance the fact that there are no negative signal and this means that the more attention formalities by one unit high-performance increased by one unit. The more attention in the authoritarian practices by one unit Say higher Alade Bmekda one unit. The researcher also concluded that the explanatory variables differentiated the opposite of what the back of the results of the variable adopted, and this explains the quest researched the organization towards high performance requirements, but under the influence of an administrative device traditionally is not consistent with the current reality in terms of the use of time and cost, but proceeding according to procedures characterized Balsmh and central Graham Walterz