The Reflection of the Dimensions of Innovative Marketing in the Success of the Pioneering Approach to the Company of Vegetable Oils .


The goal of this research is to identify the role of the dimensions of innovative marketing in helping entrepreneurial organizations to correct the beginning of its building, as it is a marketing innovative main engine for all activities and tasks carried out by these organizations carried out in the contemporary time. As these organizations represent the foundation stone for the construction and development of any country in the world, it is necessary to take advantage of modern tools in leading them.The study hes adopted the queshonnaire as a tool to get the research data, and selected the Public Company for Vegetable Oils in the field of search. The research sample was randomiy chosen of workers in the surveyed organization staff consisting of (43) individuals. The study used Ready statistical program (SPSS) in the introduction and analysis of research data, and results of the analysis confirmed the existence of a signify cant link and impact of the relationship among the dimensions of innovative marketing and the success-oriented leadership of the organization searched. So the researcher recommended the necessity of increasing the interest of the most important tools of modern technology and high-efficiency in innovative marketing that helps them determine the most important strengths and weaknesses that accompany them when determining the orientation leadership. It also helps them identify opportunities and threats facing the development process.