Usage of non-linear programming in building a mathematical model for production planning according to discount constraints put on bought amount


This research deals will the declared production planning operation in the general company of planting oils, which have great role in production operations management who had built mathematical model for correct non-linear programming according to discounting operation during raw materials or half-made materials purchasing operation which concentration of six main products by company but discount included just three products of raw materials, and there were six months taken from the 1st half of 2014 as a planning period has been chosen . Simulated annealing algorithm application on non-linear model which been more difficulty than possible solution when imposed restrictions (Linear) on non-Linear target function . The aim of selection the simulated annealing algorithm as a way to resolve. The model of production planning that it is recursive which modify research methods operations belong to production effectively and high quality . The main goal of this algorithm to find out optimum solution limited numbers of available solutions