solving linear fractional programming problems (LFP) by Using denominator function restriction method and compare it with linear transformations method


The use of modern scientific methods and techniques, is considered important topics to solve many of the problems which face some sector, including industrial, service and health. The researcher always intends to use modern methods characterized by accuracy, clarity and speed to reach the optimal solution and be easy at the same time in terms of understanding and application.the research presented this comparison between the two methods of solution for linear fractional programming models which are linear transformation for Charnas & Cooper , and denominator function restriction method through applied on the oil heaters and gas cookers plant , where the show after reaching the final results that denominator function restriction method the foremost function is best in terms of easy application as well as the speed in the footsteps of the solution to reach the optimal solution as well as they don’t need to add random variable and to add a new constraint to the model as is the case in the linear transformation method for Charnas & Cooper .