The effect of anaerobic exercises lactic compound (Physical - skill) in vital regulation carrying capacity and performance the team of Al- Qadisiyah University in handball


There are systems help the body to restore balance to the environment of internal body a so-called bio- regulator (Buffers system) which are chemicals that soften the concentration of hydrogen in the case of increase of any in acidic state and even in the case of decreasing the so-called basal and by adding the acid solution and urgent the hydrogen ion which makes it sour very weak assort does not affect the stability of the muscle or the blood of any work on balancing blood PH, it is the most vital regulator Chemical (bicarbonate, carbonic acid, hemoglobin) , Since the handball games that physically demanding depends on energy production acid system lactic must be the work of the vital regulator (Buffers system) with a high efficiency and the ability to ward off the risk of increasing the hydrogen ion Any excess acid and then stopped the player with the performance of the effort required in the game, so shall the coaches that take into account the training of the players on the basis of knowledge of the requirements of performance and affects faithful sports training integrated in the internal organs and the impact to carry the internship and how the training programs they have to bear the burdens of the games, especially in their end when they get the players tired and fatigue, and represented the research problem by noting that the university team players when on long matches during the competitions and in the form of often any possible play a team a day and may have to collect, there are two games on the same day that at the end of the matches the performance of the players significantly decline from the physical and technical skills both alike and this is clear evidence of the weakness of their potential anaerobic and represented the research sample who are the players the team the University of Qadisiyah hand reel for the academic year 2013-2014 and the 14-player after excluding goalkeepers became number of respondents 12 players and 85.7% of the original community and then the sample was divided simple random way (lottery) to experimental groups (6 players) officer (6 players), the experimental group take the vehicle anaerobic exercise (physical – skill ) in a section of the main part of either the control group shall take the Certified trainer exercises and without interference