The Effect of Upper Removable Orthodontic Appliances on Oral Candidal Mucosal Carriage


Background: Treatment of malocclusions using removable orthodontic appliances may prepare new stagnant areassusceptible for colonization and retention of Candida species, therefore; the aim of this study was to investigate theeffect of upper removable orthodontic appliances on the mucosal Candidal count in group of apparently healthyorthodontic patients.Materials and Methods: Patients enrolled in this study were children aged 8-12 years having upper removableorthodontic appliances. Candidal counts at six mucosal sites were estimated using Imprint Culture method before, 14and 28 days during orthodontic therapy.Results: Whole mouth and individual mucosal sites for Candidal counts increase significantly during treatment withupper removable orthodontic appliances.Conclusion: The results suggest that removable orthodontic appliances treatment promotes an increase in Candidacounts. Furthermore, removable appliance therapy had a positive transient influence upon the prevalence anddensity of oral candidal carriage. This can indicate a more cautious approach when providing orthodontictreatments for immunocompromised children regarding the increased possibility of candidal infection