A new Algorithm for Encrypt Arabic Text by using first Order Equation for Three Variables


In this days many data exchanged over the Internet, so finding the best solution that offer the necessary protection against the information hackers becomes the basic goals of many researches. Many researches focus on the Encryption algorithms that play a main role in information security systems. The goal of every encryption algorithm is to make it as hard as possible. If a good encryption algorithm is used, there is no technique considerably better than trying every possible key to break the cipher text. It is difficult to define the quality of an encryption algorithm. Sometimes algorithms look strong and complicated but turn out to be very easy to break.In this research, a new encryption method is proposed to encrypt Arabic text by using the standard of first order equation for three variables. The sender and the recipient will share a first order equation for three variables and two randomly constants represent the values of y, z which represent the keys of used in encryptiondecryption process. The result of the equation xored with randomly shared value between both sides which is represent the third key for the proposed method to get final cipher text of the proposed method. By applying different cryptanalysis techniques such as berlekamp Massey cryptanalysis, linear feedback shift register (LFSR), autocorrelation attack, brute force attack , frequency attack, m-138 cipher text only attack and side – channel attack to test the inevitability of the proposed method, the results showed that the proposed method is hard to be broken by the crypt analytics and attackers. Moreover, comparing the timing and performance of the proposed method with the block and stream ciphers showed the proposed method is better than the block and stream ciphers in these measures.