Traumatic Hyperreality in Don Delillo’s White Noise


Don DeLillo ( 1936- ) is one of the significant postmodern novelists. He deals with almost every significant postmodern concept in literature. His most postmodern novel White Noise focuses on meta concepts of media saturation, hyperreality, dystopia, capitalism, and cultural decline. White Noise is a realistic postmodern novel, since it exposes the hyperreality of the American world.This paper states the sharing insights of Baudrillard and Don DeLillo who are preoccupied with hyperreality, simulation, and media_dominated society, it will focus on the media theory itself , with its relationship with postmodern America. The paper is divided into two sections plus a conclusion. Section one presents an overview to the media theory and the concept of hyperreality. Section two will show the impact of technological mediations and the significance of the shopping centers on the rise of consumer culture. Then, the conclusion which sums up the findings of the research.