Serum Zinc in Iraqi Acute Leukemic Patients


Background: Leukemia is a group of malignant disorders associated with increased numbers of blood white blood cells. Acute leukemia occurs at all ages. Because zinc influences many body systems and functions, zinc is an essential nutrient for tissue growth, cellular division, protein synthesis DNA and RNA replication it also ought to play a critical role in the growth of tumor. In this study, serum zinc was estimated in leukemic patients and compared with healthy subjects.Methods: The subjects in the present study were; fourty-four depressed patients aged (14-48 year), thirty-one apparently healthy subjects were selected as control group. Their sex and age were comparable to that of patients. Determination of serum zinc was carried out using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer.Results: The results showed a significant decrease in serum zinc at (p<0.05) in leukemic patients as compared with healthy control.Conclusion: The decrease in serum concentration of zinc in leukemia can be explained by means of the changes in immunity system and the need for zinc to synthesize nucleic acid and tumor cell division in this disorder in addition to other possible mechanisms.