Seismic and Velocity Study of Luhais Oil Field Using Velocity Model


In this study, a qualitative seismic velocity interpretation is made up through using 2D-seismic reflection data on Luhais oil field in southern of Iraq which is situated at about 105 Km to the east from the Basra city. Luhais oil field was chosen to study the type and nature of the distribution of the seismic velocities of Nahr Umr and Zubair Formations in order to show its explorational importance, where these formations contain abundant quantities of hydrocarbons. Picking of the tops of Nahr Umr and Zubair was carried out from the synthetic seismogram which is calculated from sonic-logs and check shot of well Lu-2. Velocity model was obtained via using an implementation of Petrel program version, 2013 and was corrected according to tops well that drilled in the study area. Average velocity slices (vertically and horizontally) and maps are carried out from the velocity model